A nation’s stories play a large part in its future. Established ideas become conventional wisdom in social institutions. The institutions then draw on this wisdom when enacting public policy. Or: Those who own the stories own the future. 

Pod Point the “UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging” are attempting to shape a new story in which electric vehicles are adopted in the UK and London air quality does meet EU regulations.

The slide above (larger version here) is interesting because:

1) Its projection is optimistic, but based on research and evidence.
2) It’s using humour – which makes it more persuasive. “Jeremy Clarkson buys first EV in 2024”.
3) The layout is easy to understand – it’s an accessible story.

Key dates on the slide include:

2019 – Government announces 2040 ban on ICE (Internal Combustion Engine – petrol / diesel) cars in the UK
2023 – Long range electric vehicles cheaper than ICE cars
2026 – Driving an ICE vehicle becomes socially unacceptable
2030 – First major oil company goes bust
2038 – 50% of all cars are electric
2040 – Sales of ICE vehicles are banned

Watch Erik Fairbairn, CEO of POD Point, chat about the “electric vehicle tipping point” and the current barriers to electric vehicle adoption.

See the slides here:

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