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Top 10 weird and wonderful websites

We round up our top 10 weird, wonderful and useful websites.

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You know that there are interesting websites out there, but where? Look no further! Every two weeks we round up our top 10 weird, wonderful and useful websites. Some of the chosen sites have been in the news, some are just trusty favourites and all are worth a visit. Usually, but not always, #10 is a quite sensible website, progressing to a very silly #1 website...

Top ten sites: 1

Paul. Pic: pauldaniels.co.uk
Paul. Pic: pauldaniels.co.uk

10) Paul Daniels! www.pauldaniels.co.uk

"Did you Know? Paul and Debbie own a 1930 mahogany and elm canoe.It's not for exercise because it is too big and heavy to paddle being 7.5 metres long and seating 7 adults. It runs for 8 hours on its batteries because it is electric. Just over a year ago Paul renamed it The Lovely Debbie McGee and Debbie has only just got over the shock."

9) Sex blogger: http://girlwithaonetrackmind.blogspot.com/

Zoe Williams has been in the news a lot recently...

"Ten days ago, I was a nobody. A 33 year-old London woman working in the film industry, trying to juggle a decent social life with a career. Nothing special there. I just happen, over the last two years, to have written a detailed sex diary on the internet, which has had over 2m visitors and was recently published as a book. It was, as they say on the Net, decidedly "Not Safe for Work"."

8) Web agony aunt Bubby... www.myspace.com/helpmebubby

“Bubby is our 90 year old grandmother.
A few years ago we introduced her to the internet and we've been getting daily e-mails from her ever since. When she was 87, we began this website. We now believe she is the oldest blogger on the Internet."

7) Send in your to do lists - www.todolistblog.com/

Quite revealing...

All these todo lists... the lady who's going to to do sit ups every day before getting pregnant and eat her vitamins, and pay off her credit cards...

Or the last days of high school... list... study spanish... find hamlet book... wear the strappy heels on Friday...

6) Your memories… www.thetimecapsule.org.uk/

Lots of UK memories and photos, site by Age Concern.

Spirit on Mars
Spirit on Mars

5) Life on mars… marsrovers.nasa.gov

In January 2004, the americans landed two robot rovers on Mars - called Spirit and Opportunity. They've been driving around very slowly and doing experiments and taking photos ever since... see the photos on this site... fascinating.

4) Around the world with John Otway: www.OTair.co.uk/

So now's time for his greatest stunt... he wanted a world tour... but realised he couldn't afford it... so he chartered his own Airbus 340 and decided to circumnavigate the globe - hoping he can get 300 fans to cover costs and play the world's great venues.

3) Photos of angry cats: www.mycathatesyou.com/

Started in 2000, they proudly present to you the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the internet.

2) Very odd: www.cryingwhileeating.com/

Very odd. It's a site full of 30 second short films of people crying while eating. There's Jeff eating vanilla yogurt and crying because his cat bit him on the toe.

1) A star is born... : www.youtube.com

There's a website called YouTube in which people post videos onto - usually it's teenagers - 100 million video clips are watched their every day.

But a softly spoken, maybe even slightly lonely, widower, 79 year old Peter has attracted a cult following - his are some of the most watched video clips. He's from the Midlands, UK, lives alone, and he grumbles gently about his life while playing blues records. He posted his first video a week ago and it attracted 6000 comments.

"It's great that someone from your generation has chosen to share their views on life" wrote one fan... A star is born...


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