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Noah on YouTube  

Top 10 websites - 2

We round up our top 10 weird, wonderful and useful websites.

Noah on YouTube

You know that there are interesting websites out there, but where? Look no further! Every two weeks we round up our top 10 weird, wonderful and useful websites. Some of the chosen sites have been in the news, some are just trusty favourites and all are worth a vist. Usually, but not always, #10 is a quite sensible website, progressing to a very silly #1 website...

Top ten sites: 2

10) Ask a silly or sensible question… http://answers.yahoo.com/

New website from Yahoo - Ask a question on any topic and get answers from real people. New questions and answers added every second, it seems - on every subject under the sun - mostly Americans at the moment. For example…

Abbey Road webcam
Abbey Road webcam

q) How do you know your turtle is begging?

a) Do turtles beg? Said legallyblond...
Pierre said: He has an upside down hat in his hand and a tear in his eye.
But Amanda was more sensible; My turtles swim up to the front of the tank and splash around and it's so obvious when they're begging.

9) Abbey Rd webcam

Take a look at the webcam pointing at the zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover.

"Abbey Road Studios is quite simply the most famous recording studio in the world. Opened in 1931, the Studio made its name with big orchestral recordings and of course, The Beatles. Abbey Road today, is probably the most technically advanced recording & mixing, stereo and surround mastering & remastering, interactive design & digital video complex in the World. This diversity allows us to work on a wide variety of projects both large and small. This site contains all the info you need if you want to work here too!"

8) Watch Noah age:

A chap called Noah, aged 26, from Brooklyn Country, US has taken a photo of himself every day for six years and put them all together in a video - can watch him ageing. We can see this in a future art gallery.

7) Dragon’s Den:

"If you've ever had an idea to make money, Dragons' Den is THE show to watch. All manner of money-spinning minds will step into the intimidating world of business financing, determined to make their dreams come true. All they need is the cash. To get this, they must face the Dragons, all of whom are formidable business thinkers with the money to make things happen."

Can watch six full episodes here. Follow the links to find out more about the dragons. Including our favourite Duncan Bannatyne - the dour scot - who has made it the hard way, including a spell in a navy prison.

6) A new entry!

The “brilliantly terrible” Dear Deidre video on the revamped Sun website. They’ve turned the illustrated panel strip into a video – mostly about relationships and sex. Wooden acting etc – quite funny.

5) Robot traffic cones

"Herds of robotic traffic cones could soon be swarming onto a highway, closing down lanes and slowing the traffic.

"The new road markers have been developed by Shane Farritor, a roboticist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in a bid to help reduce the $100 billion per year that the Department of Transportation estimates is lost to the US economy through accidents and delays caused by highway lane closures.

"The self-propelled markers take the form of robotic three-wheeled bases for the brightly coloured barrels that are set out to demarcate road repair zones. Farritor says they can open and close traffic lanes faster and more safely than humans."

4) Special super fruit - lots more info at sites like;

"The goji berry is the latest so-called super-food name to trip off the tongue and into the mouths of health-food evangelists. Small, red, dried, and a bit like a savoury cranberry, the nutritionally-rich fruit is making the leap from specialist store to supermarket.

"Already popular in the US, celebrities like Madonna, Liz Hurley and Mischa Barton are said to munch them for their rich properties."

3) Best paper airplanes -

"Best Paper Airplanes .com is a free site that illustrates how to make unique folded paper planes that you'll find nowhere else - because these ten models are original, copyrighted designs. Some are easy to make, some are flying origami as well as paper aircraft, but all these paper aircraft are fun to fold and fly."

2) Awful Plastic Surgery -

A chronicle of celebrity plastic surgery. It seems like one of the most common things in Hollywood is plastic surgery. Celebs are going under the knife for breast enlargements, nose jobs, tummy tucks and liposuction.

As the name suggests - this website is about celebrities that have allegedly had plastic surgery. This site features them if it doesn't like the results of the surgery that the site says the celebrities have had. Phew!

1) King Nicholas -

Not happy with your lot? Then declare yourself King - Nick Copeman did it...

"He first attracted a cult following in 2003, after changing his name by deed poll to HM King Nicholas I, and founding a new empire from his royal seat - a four-berth caravan trailer just outside Sheringham, Norfolk.

"Originally done as a dare with a friend, his new, royal persona soon took on a life of its own, as he sold peerages over the internet, blagged his way into local high-society and pursued a relationship (unsuccessfully) with "fellow royal" Zara Phillips."


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