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Eva Green. Pic: sonypictures.co.uk  

Top 10 websites - 3

New James Bond, treasure hunting and yawning rabbits. We round up our top 10 interesting and diverting websites.

Eva Green. Pic: sonypictures.co.uk

You know that there are interesting websites out there, but where? Every two weeks we round up our top 10 websites. Some of the chosen sites have been in the news, some are just trusty favourites and all are worth a visit. Usually, but not always, #10 is a quite sensible website, progressing to a very silly #1 site.

Top ten sites: 3

10) Martin O'Neill speaks

Martin O’Neill’s first football phone in as Villa manager.

9) Shop Horror - www.shophorror.co.uk

To promote his book of the “Best of the worst shop names in Britain,” Guy Swillingham has put together a website – a tour of the funniest shop fronts in High Street Britain. From the genuinely inventive to the truly awful, Shop Horror salutes them all.

Bunny yawn: www.talkingegg.com
Bunny yawn. Pic: talkingegg.com

8) Metal detectors

Treasure Hunting magazine is Britain's leading metal detecting magazine. All you need to know about metal detecting in the UK.
An introduction – field tests – adverts for equipment etc
The basic equipment that is needed to start metal detecting - a detector, headphones, and heavy duty trowel - can be purchased for under £100.

7) Take a look at what you might dig up

BMAGiC is Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery's online database. It gives you information about the objects in their collection.

It’s not just ancient stuff – there’s more recent social history – whistles etc.
And photos of their large collection of policemen’s truncheons.

6) Remember Clive James?

He left the TV and started putting his work online - Novelist, poet and essayist; with text, audio and video lectures.

Can watch his new interviews with Ruby Wax, Cate Blanchett, and author Martin Amis.

5) New James Bond film

Stylish website for film Casino Royale, seems a darker style of movie.

Casino Royale is based on Ian Fleming's novel of the same name. Published in 1953, it was the first book in his 'James Bond' series.
New movie released Nov 17th 2006.

Website has more info and a game – find out more about Daniel Craig etc.

4) A list of the most expensive...

Baby carrier, Bank robbery, Barbie, Baseball card, Bathtub, Beer, Bicycle...

Ever wonder what the most expensive (insert item) in the world is?

3) Can you bend and move objects with your mind?

“Do you want to master this dark skill? The one that very few people possess? Be our guest. We feature videos, articles and the ever-growing guide about Learning Telekinesis. Feel free to leave a comment.”

2) Don’t worry be happy!

All the elements of Bobby Mcferrin’s 1988 hit song – 'Don’t worry be happy'

You can move the parts around and create your own version.

"Eight tracks were used, each dubbed on top of the other with Bobby's voice. There are no instrumentalists, percussion instruments, or other singers other than Bobby."

1) Very rare photos – of guess what? Bunny yawns

“One day I was flipping through a friend's rabbit book, and in it was a picture of a bunny yawning. I had never seen anything so adorably funny. I can't quite explain it, what exactly makes me smile, but I began searching for pictures of bunnies yawning.

"You see, the yawn takes about two seconds, and then it is over. Therefore, bunny yawn pictures are extremely rare. Thanks to people around the world, I've collected a nice bunch. If anyone has any other rabbit yawn pictures other than the ones I have linked to below, PLEASE email it to me, I would greatly appreciate it.”

See the film – a brief clip of a rabbit yawning – wonderful!

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