The idea of society in the UK

Russell Brand:

“I’d unthinkingly imbibed enough doctrine to know that, troubled as I was, there was little point looking elsewhere for support. I was on my own. We are all on our own. Norman Tebbit, one of Thatchers acolytes and fellow "Munsters evacuee", said when the National Union of Mineworkers eventually succumbed to the military onslaught and starvation over which she presided: "We didnt just break the strike, we broke the spell." The spell he was referring to is the unseen bond that connects us all and prevents us from being subjugated by tyranny. The spell of community”.

via Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher: I always felt sorry for her children | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Russell Brand’s words echo those of Sir Ming Campbell and many a vox-pop on BBC Radio 4; the doctor in the former mining village saying that in Margaret Thatcher’s government’s calculations the social impact of change was not considered sufficiently.

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