The Sun supports Britain leaving the EU
The Sun supports Britain leaving the EU. Why might that be?

The Vote Leave #Brexit Con Trick:

  • Voting is a decision.
  • Decisions are based on information.
  • Informed decisions require information.
  • The Leave campaign is the most popular with the least educated, says Financial Times research.
  • Leave campaign targeting the least educated, the people with the least control over their lives.
  • Leave campaign says to the people with the least control: “Vote Leave and regain control of your lives”.
  • Leave campaign says: “You have little control over your lives because of EU, so vote Leave”.
  • In other words: Leave campaign appeals to voters with least amount of control over lives, by promising more control.
  • However…
  • Some of the politicians who are leading the Leave campaign are being dishonest.
  • Many Leave campaign politicians wish to preserve hierarchy, inequality & their rich benefactors.
  • Many of these Leave politicians use neoliberal ideology as a cover story, to help them justify inequality.
  • They do not want the least educated to have more control over their lives.
  • They want the least educated to know their place and to make low-paid work even more precarious.
  • They see leaving EU as a way to gain more control over the weakest British people.
  • In other words: Lying Leave neoliberals are manipulating the voters with the least amount of control over their lives, into losing more control, by promising more control.
  • But because the least educated don’t know what neoliberalism is used for, they’re unaware of how they are being conned.
  • Misiniformed voters are relying on emotion. Emotion is easily manipulated.
  • The con: Leave campaign politicians are pretending that EU is the problem, not their neoliberal story & rich patrons.
  • So:
  • If you’re voting Leave and want your vote to be based on facts, then you really need to find out more about neoliberalism.

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